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What is CodeFest?

CodeFest is the largest Hackathon-for-Kids in Singapore. Held annually, this child-focused event is specially designed for young coders to gain exposure to competition, build interest and confidence in coding and add to their profiles. Your child will be engaged in a full-day Hackathon to solve real-world problems and develop an App or Game to showcase their talents in a challenging and fun environment. Parents are invited to the evening's prize presentation and fringe activities.

Who can participate?

All children aged 7 to 16 are welcome to participate in CodeFest 2022. There are different age categories for students to join.

My child is not within the age group. Can he or she join?

In general, we do not accept participants who are not between the ages of 7 to 16 years old. However, if there is any special reason(s), please contact us for a discussion at 9193 8589 (WhatsApp text/call preferred).

My child has no experience in the programming language or software. Can he or she join?

Generally, students with no experience in that platform/language may join. The overall competition level is expected to be moderate as most participants are young learners with limited experience in their first-time event. A fundamentals training workshop will allow students to have a common baseline and starting point for the Hackathon. This workshop will be held in the morning before the students break out to do their hackathon projects. During the Hackathon project phase, coaches will walk around to assist the students.

What is the benefit for a child joining the Codefest?

It would be a great exposure opportunity, profile-building, and interest-building for the young coders. From past Hackathons, it is observed that the children return to classes with a higher learning motivation and a passion for working through the more demanding modules. This may be because they appreciate applying their coding skills to meaningful goals while realizing a much larger community of learners at similar ages and interests.

Will there be a certificate given?

Yes, all participants will receive a Certification of Participation after the prize-giving ceremony, regardless of the results. Selected winners may also receive prizes and trophies.

Must the parents be present during the Hackathon?

It is not a must, but it is strongly recommended that at least one parent be present during the prize presentation to encourage the child.

Can the parents drop off the children and return later?

Yes, that is the intended event flow. Drop off in the morning, and come back during the prize presentation.

Can parent attend with other family member to watch the competition and observe?

Each student is entitled to at least one accompanying parent during the prize presentation. Depending on turnout and capacity in the auditorium, you may bring additional family members. You may request upon sign-up to bring additional family members. The prize presentation will be held in a 300-pax capacity hall. The expected turnout is about 100 to 150 students, and most students are expected to be accompanied by 1 to 2 parent(s).

How much does it cost?

The participation fee in CodeFest 2022 is $265 for all ages. Early bird or other promotion(s) may apply at the point of registration. To check, please contact our sales team at 9193 8589 (WhatsApp text/call preferred). We accept payment via PayNow or Interbank Fund Transfer. We will send you a registration email with the payment details once you have submitted the online registration form.

What time is the prize ceremony?

It is estimated to start between 5 pm to 5:30 pm, and the event ends between 6:30 pm - 7 pm. The exact event rundown will be released at least two weeks before the event date on

My child has dietary restrictions. Can he/she join?

Yes, they can. Please state under Dietary Restrictions when you register.

My child does not have a laptop. Can he/she join?

Your child is required to bring their own laptop. If your child does not have a laptop, we may be able to offer laptops for the loan at a fee, please contact us for more information at 9193 8589 (WhatsApp text/call preferred).

My child does not have a mobile phone. Can he/she join in the App Development (Thunkable)?

My child does not have a mobile phone. Can he/she join in the App Development (Thunkable)?

If the student get sick, can they get a refund on the competition?

Once registered and paid, we regret that refunds are not possible. You may transfer the Hackathon ticket to another friend/family in the same age group.

What is the minimum requirement of a laptop?

The minimum laptop requirement is an i5 processor with 8GB Ram, or equivalent.

What does my child need to bring?

Your child needs to bring their laptop, charger, mouse, and other accessories. It is also recommended to bring along stationary and a water bottle. Your child should have a bag that can be self-carried to facilitate movement across venues and to hold notes or any other handouts.

When is the deadline to register for Codefest 2022?

Registrations are typically open 6 weeks before and close 2 weeks before the event or when fully signed up. Based on past events, 90% of seats are filled within 2 to 3 weeks. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

How do I sign up?

Click the "REGISTER NOW" button on the top right of the web page.

Do we have a date when this is open for public registration?

Not yet confirmed, technically it is earliest 8 Nov, but we may delay to give further priority to our own students first.

Can a 6 year old Roboto student join the 7 to 9 year old category?

Yes, a fundamentals training workshop will allow students to have a common baseline and starting point for the Hackathon. This workshop will be held in the morning before the student's breakout to do their hackathon project.

Can student from Roboto with other age join other category? Eg: 10 year old join Age 7 to 9 : Scratch Category or 8 years old join Age 10 to 12

Yes, you may choose to join an upper-age group. If you would like to join a lower age group, this would require a review and special approval to ensure fairness to other participants.

Can we request the trainer to teach them the category that they are partipating in their regular weekly coding lesson?

Although a curriculum change is possible, it would be too short a period and cause a change back/fro between the original subject. There will be a fundamentals training workshop for the hackathon to allow students to have a common baseline and starting point for the hackathon. This workshop will be held in the morning before the student's breakout to do their hackathon projects.

Can the student change the registered category before the event? Eg: 11yo initially registered for 10 to 12yo, but want to change to 13 to 16yo before event.

Yes, you may switch categories subject to review, latest by one month before the event date. Generally, moving up an age category is allowed, but parents are recommended to consider the child's ability.

Is the caterer of the lunch provided is halal?

No. If necessary, we will have separate halal-certified bentos for students with such requests. Please state under Dietary Restrictions when you register.