Game Design at CodeFest 2022

Game Development ScratchCATEGORY A
AGES 7 - 9

Challenge Info

Platform Link:

Scratch 3.0

Participants will be given a Scratch Account to be used for the hackathon.


Sustainability Development

What is Sustainability Development?

A way of using resources that considers the needs of the present and future generations, taking into account economic, social, and environmental factors.

The goal is to create a better future for everyone.


To be annoucement on Actual Day

Rules & Regulations

  1. Participants shall create their project (game / storyboard / animation) based on the Scratch 3.0 platform
  2. There is no restriction on the number of sprites, background or sounds used.
  3. All work need to be original. Participants that copy or reference heavily from online or other party design and work will be penalized.
  4. Participants are not allowed to use offensive and discriminatory language or images in their project.
  5. The project should start by clicking on the green flag.
  6. When time’s out, participant are required to submit their game configuration file to the judging panel and awaits their turn to present.

Judging Criteria

Scorings are based on the below judging criteria

Innovation & Creativity Project displays good attempts to come up with unique ideas.
Coding Skills Project reflects an excellent understanding of a wide range of coding concepts.
Aesthetics & Sound Effects Project utilizes beautiful and theme matching characters, background and assets. Excellent use of sound or special effects.
Relevance to Theme Project is highly relevant to the theme, and there is a distinct display of Sustainability Development theme.
Presentation Ability Project articulation with varying tone and makes use of gestures when presenting. Consistently establishes eye contact with judges