Game Design at CodeFest 2019

Soccer CupJunior Robotics

Challenge Info

Objective: To promote team work and test student ability to construct a robot with high stability and controlling skill to play soccer game.

Level: Junior

Maximum No. of Participants Per Team: 2, with 1 robot each

Robot: MRT Robot Kit

Mission: Soccer match using remote control

Game Method: Tournament

Required Age: 9 – 12

Robot Dimension and Weight:

  1. The size of the robot at the starting box shall not exceed 20cm (H) x 20cm (W) x 20cm (L). However, robot is not allowed to expand to any size after the game starts.
  2. The maximum weight of the robot is 1000 grams (Include batteries).

Restriction on Robot Design:

  1. Only MRT parts are to be used to build the robot. There is no limitation to the amount of blocks used to build the robot. You are allowed to cross use the parts from the above mentioned systems for the robots.
  2. However, ONLY maximum 2 number of DC motors and 1 mainboard are allowed to use for for the competition.
  3. Robot built is allowed to modify the mechanical parts (painting/folding) but not electronic parts. If found guilty, the player would be IMMEDIATELY disqualified.
  4. Robots shall not damage any part of the field or obstacles deliberately.
  5. Robots are not allowed to have any power supply above 9V DC (Volt of Direct Current). VAC (Volt of Alternating Current) power supplies are strictly prohibited for safety reasons.
  6. Robots shall not cause any danger to the arena and surroundings in anyway whatsoever.
  7. Robots RC receivers will need to be protected from any outside interferences.
  8. Robot cannot be design in a closed structure to handle the ball. The judge will check the robot structure before the competition begin.

Game Rules:

  1. Length of a Match:

    Each game is stipulated for 3 minutes

  2. Building of Robot:

    Prebuilt and programmed

  3. Starting the Robot:

    3.1 Whistle will be blown as a sign of start of the match
    3.2 The participant who remote controls the robot shall keep distance with the game field area without touching or disturbing the game field

  4. Competition Tasks:

    4.1 All the games will be based on “knock out” system. All the teams will be distributed in opposing pairs by IRS committee randomly
    4.2 Each team shall consist of 2 robots and 2 paticipants with each participants controlling one robot
    4.3 During the match, the participants who control their robot please keep distance with game field, and don’t touch or damage the field
    4.4 A robot not allowed to handle the ball for more than 5 seconds
    4.5 Upon removal of a robot from the playing field, it can only re-enter the game upon referee’s approval
    4.6 Robots can deploy any tactics or maneuvers, as long as it does not constitute a foul
    4.7 The robot can only stay within the penalty area for a maximum of 5 seconds. Participant will be warned by the jury to move their robot if the robot stay within the penalty area more than 10 second.
    4.8 Extra time of 1 minute shall be played only in the event of a draw
    4.9 Sudden death shall be played only in the event of draw on extra time
    4.10 All robots will be collected by referees before the competition begin
    4.11 The parts which are fallen or broken from the robots cannot be fixed back onto the robots during the match, unless permitted by jury
    4.12 While the match is in progress, at any time the jury whistles, the participants should stop the robot

  5. Deciding the Winner:

    5.1 Within 3 minutes, the team with highest goals will be the winner
    5.2 The ‘knock-out’ stage shall not consist of any points and the winner of the game shall proceed to the next round
    5.3 The time limit for extra time shall be 1 minute
    5.4 In the event of a DRAW by the end of extra time, ‘Sudden Death’ time shall decide the match in the event both teams are still tied for score. The team that missed the first ball, loses the game

  6. Disqualification:

    6.1 Touching the robots while the match is in progress
    6.2 Robot does not comply with the size restrictions

Game Field:

Sample Robot Design: